What Librarians can do to Protect Patron Privacy from Hidden Online Surveillance Part 2

I would like to preface that this post, while library related, is also to fulfill a requirement for a research project through the University of Southern Mississippi School of Library and Information Science.

Photo courtesy of g4ll4is http://bit.ly/2aH6lfH

Privacy in libraries in the digital age has always been a very interesting topic to me. I regularly check to see what has been posted about library privacy on Tumblr, the work that the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) is doing in regard to their Consensus Framework to Support Patron Privacy in Digital Library and Information Systems, and what shows up in my Google Alerts.  Starting my research process with some of those sources as a firm foundation paved the way for me to find interconnected and meaningful information associated with my topic through the databases at the University of Southern Mississippi Libraries as well as the collections of the Bellingham Public Library and the Whatcom County Public Libraries, my local library systems.

It was very eye-opening to see all the research that has been conducted in the past 10 years in regard to behavioral tracking mechanisms and online surveillance. Below are some of the resources that I have found helpful.

  •  Adams, H. R. (2005). Privacy in the 21st century: Issues for public, school, and academic libraries. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited.
  • American Library Association. 2008. Code of Ethics. http://www.ala.org/advocacy/proethics/codeofethics/codeethics.
  • Canadian Library Association. 1976. Code of Ethics. http://www.cla.ca/Content/NavigationMenu/Resources/PositionStatements/Code_of_Ethics.htm.
  • Coombs, K. A. (2004). Walking a Tightrope: Academic Libraries and Privacy. Journal Of Academic Librarianship, 30(6), 493-497
  • Fortier, A., & Burkell, J. (2015). Hidden Online Surveillance: What Librarians Should Know to Protect Their Own Privacy and That of Their Patrons. Information Technology & Libraries, 34(3), 59-72
  • Nichols Hess, A., LaPorte-Fiori, R., & Engwall, K. (2015). Preserving Patron Privacy in the 21st Century Academic Library. Journal Of Academic Librarianship, 41(1), 105-114. doi:10.1016/j.acalib.2014.10.010
  • McDonald, Aleecia M. and Cranor, Lorrie Faith. 2010. “Beliefs and behaviors: Internet users’ understanding of behavioral advertising”. Social Science Research Network. http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1989092 .
  • Zimmer, M. (2013). Assessing the Treatment of Patron Privacy in Library 2.0 Literature. Information Technology & Libraries, 32(2), 29-41.

I look forward to researching this topic more and I am committed to sharing whatever information I find that I feel others would be interested in seeing.











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