3D Printing @ My Library

Henry & Peter

We at the Lynden Library of the Whatcom County Library System unveiled our new 3D Printer at an open house on September 17th. It included a demonstration of the printer at hard at work from Lyndsey Runyan, our amazing Teen Branch Librarian, along with presentations from guests Ivan Owen of E-Nabling the Future–a non-profit organization that creates 3D Printed Prosthetics–and Troy Greig of The Foundry Makerspace in Bellingham, WA. This is the only free, publicly accessible 3D printer in Whatcom county and as far as we know, north of Seattle.

The Lynden Library will be offering Teen and Adult MakerLabs for free on Mondays and Thursdays. These classes will consist of helping people understand the physical printer components, the software & programs associated with creating their 3D printed objects, and fostering a collaborative maker environment for an intergenerational exchange of ideals.

The Makerbot Replicator 2 was purchased with funds graciously provided by the Friends of the Lynden Public Library.


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