ARSL2014: Strengthening Your Tech Core

Dumbells for sale

Maribeth Shafer


Created a Google Site with a compilation of online tutorials.

Super secret way to fix a problem techies haven’t seen before: They Google it!

There are 8 steps and it takes 14 weeks. Broke it down can into weeks with competencies. Can use it as a course or can go in and find certain tutorials.

Have people go through mousercise tutorial and then use solitaire. Don’t need to go through everything if you don’t need to know it.


  • Hardware
  • Email/calendar
  • Internet
  • Operating Systems
  • Programs and Apps
  • Web Tools
  • Mobile Devices
  • Security and Maintenance
  • The Basics – Great learning resources. Comes with interactive tutorials, videos, etc. LOTS of tutorials, iPads, Office, etc – Self-paced courses, webinar archives. All types of courses, not just tech classes

YouTube Marvelous Mari – some of her library instructional videos can be found on here


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