Digital Research: The Double Edged Sword

I was recently contacted by Allison Morris from about an infographic they had put together concerning how today’s students are researching and how tech is both helping and hurting them. She thought I would be interested in this topic based off of past blog posts and she was right. I’ve seen this in helping students at the university level all the way down to middle school, which is very disconcerting. I’ve always been a proponent of shutting down or disconnecting from everything else while doing research, well except some background music, although I know that too can be considered a distraction. The bulk of the inforgraphic covers how students who have grown up digitally and are accustomed with search engines and the Internet aren’t really adept at utilizing keywords or smart search methods for meaningfully research or the best results to their queries. This really highlights the concerns many of us have, in that while students do have a great deal of data at their disposal, most of them don’t know the best way to access it and are being inundated with information not related to their topic. I found their work entertaining / educational so I’m passing it along.

Please Include Attribution to With This Graphic Digital Research Infographic


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