Welcome and Opening Keynote for CiL2010

Welcome and Opening Keynote for CiL2010

Information fluency and Imagining the internet  Lee Rainie

From the Pew Internet and the American Life Project

Technology is a queer thing is brings you gifts with one hand and it stabs you in the back with the other – C.P. Snow

Librarians are primarily the stake holders and most important consumers of our work

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However please don’t Tweckle

Tweckle – the chronicle of higher education

2000 – slow stationary connections built around PC

46% of adults use net

5% have broadband

50% have cell phone

0% wireless

2010 – built around outside servers & storage

75% of adults use net

62% broadband at home

80% cell phone

53% wirelessly

Digital Divide is still real, there are populations who need and want help, librarians are essential to this because we can teach and can make people comfortable in ways that others can’t

Handheld  services are changing the digital divide especially when it comes  to online access within the African American and Hispanic Communities. This Shrinking of the digital divide is due to the access to the the internet through smartphone technology now.

Media ecology of the American household

Sanford C. Berstein

Fluency and navigating the new demands of this area and environment

Network creators

Info fluency – how libs can make a difference

57% of adults are social network users

37% of share photos – Life Logging

30% share personal creations

30% contribute rankings & ratings

28% create content tags

26% post content on blogs

19% use twitter – Gen X is the dominant user base

15% have personal website

15% content mixers

14% are bloggers

Manuel Castells

Four cultures shaped the intenbet

1.Techno-elites peer review built the internet

intrernet Openness, Enshired a sense of the Scientifiic method, peer review, Meritocracy

2.Hackers Freedom ” free speech”

3.Virtual Communitarians horizontal free communication

Entrepreneur Generate money

5tnh culture is identifable

4.Network creators

Democratized the voices in media

Challenged Traditional media gatekeepers

You become more engaged and someone that has a stake in the culture

about a 5th have created health contentr

Reshaping the relation ships between Dr.s and Patients

Online patient communities

1. Produce cont that helps them expand the SN and increase their social standing

Beyond Reality – Janet and Maddie

Macfound.org Digital literacy program

13 elements

Using it to build reputational capitl

2.Produce content to create Social posses to solve problems ( Jesse Hersch Blogger in Toronto)

Chrowdsourcing wisdom especially among strangers who share a common purpose

Fast checking an transparency

Production and accumulation

3. Produce content “Just in time just like me spaces ”

Community building in the most profound sense

” Birds of a feather” Homophily that are “spaceless”

Communities of Pratcie

4. Produce content unlike the news media

Technorati and Ice rocket

only about 30% in traditional media was covered in the social media sphere

off-beat storied

American exceptionalism

Cultural clevages and social issues more than economic issues

You can be a node in people socail networks as they seek info to help them solve probs. and meet their needs

you’re their smarter friends Velocity anbd volume are groweing and they need you more than ever andf they need tou to help them nacvigate them.

Alert maker and helper in theis environment Pam Berger

Henry Jenkins 13 literacies

Screen literacy matter Graphics and symbols

Navigational literacy

Connections and context literacy


Value of contemplative time How to create content

Ethical behavior in the new world

Participatory divide is as if not more important than the digital divide

Ways to access and value have changed

Multi audiences, platforms, and educational levels

We are the Anchor for our community

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