Library Day in the Life Tuesday – 01/26/10 #libday4

I work in the reference department of the main branch in the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries. Our system serves 230,000 residents in 4 counties with 9 libraries through a wide variety of services and programs.

I started this morning off like ever other morning for me by check my gmail, google calendar, twitter account (strng_dichotomy), and Facebook. After that I looked at what I had listed as my set tasks and goals for the day.

This day was going to be primarily focused on finishing up on the staff training day for our system planned for February 22. This was given to the  CVL LEADS! Program participants as our first large project. I was appointed project manager and must make sure that the day goes off without a hitch.  The first thing that I do is look at the wiki we created to see if anyone has made changes and where we are with certain sections of the day.

I contact the person handling the lunch catering and discuss where he will be setting up, what the planned menu will be, how long he will need for set up, and that I have the finalized contract.  I then review the contract for the catering company that will be suppling breakfast and our snacks for midday, making sure that the numbers for both work within the amount I have allocated for food in the overall budget.

Then I review the contracts for the presenters making sure that the times listed match the master schedule. Making sure that all the paper work and budget request form for our Keynote speaker Lydia Ramsey are in order and finalized (I’m very excited to have Buffy HamiltonPat Carterette, andDarin Givens among others doing breakout sessions). Fill out my purchase request for folders and other paper products we will need, began creating my registration forms for the staff in Access, created a template for the letter explaining the functions that each branch will be responsible for on the 22nd, and speak to my deputy director about the status of the staff day.

Look over the dates to present our bicycle safety courses for adults and children that we are doing, in conjunction with, River Valley Regional Commission. The one hour workshops will focus on the skills necessary for riding on the road (such as signaling, scanning in front and behind, stopping quickly and turning), road rules for bicycle riders, as well as tips for cycling throughout our community. All of this is in preparation for the Annual Bike to Work Day.

Then I check over my email and respond to what I need to, take a copy of my approved travel packet for Computers in Libraries 2010 to my deputy director, and finalize my time sheet for finance.

I start the evening off by picking up, scanning, and reshelving our NF materials.  Help patrons while doing roving reference on the second floor and then take my shift at the reference desk.

While at the desk I deal with helping set up email accounts, creating resumes and cover letters, navigating job sites, school projects, reports, research projects, and a plethora of other computer related questions.  All the while answering phone calls, reserving materials for patrons, and reserving meeting rooms and study rooms.

At the end of the night I shut down the computer lab, restock the 4 printers and 3 copiers in the reference department, make the end of day announcement and head home.

When I get home I eat and start to ready myself mentally for my interview at the Simon Schwob Memorial Library.  I put out the clothes I plan on wearing and then enjoy the rest of my evening by watching The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie before heading to bed.


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