Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Research Pathfinders 2.0 for NowGen Learners

Notes from 2009 COMO Conference in Columbus, Georgia

Oh, The Places You’ll Go! Research Pathfinders 2.0 for NowGen Learners.

Presenter: Buffy Hamilton

Information is everywhere!

Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. –Mitchell Kapor.

What do students/patrons need for the journey of learning and information fluency?


On the rodamap of information we use pathfinders to guide and help students/patrons find their way to information instead of getting lost on the information highway.

These pathfinders help  guide students/patrons to the resources needed for research tasks.

We need to work hard to construct  pathfinders to help access quality information more efficiently.

You as the librarian, are the travel guide for them on the information highway.

Use Web 2.0 tools to help manage the streams of information and embed content more easily.

Research pathfinder navigation tools:

Help them “Pull” information rather than “Pushing” to find it.

Explore traditional and nontraditional forms of information.

The future is now.

How do we help learners negotiate this friction between traditional and new media? –Joyce Valenza

Web 2.0 tools for social scholarship:

RSS -Real Simple Syndication A web feed or stream designed to deliver content.

Feed aggregators “Capture” and “Deliver” your streams of information.

Wikis -Open software that encourages collaboration and knowledge building.

iTunes Podcasts and iTunes U.

YouTube offers educational videos from news outlets.

Social bookmarking for tagging and organizing your personal learning network.

Blogs are a for of dialogue on an topic and promote the exchange of ideas.

We must work to help our students/patrons become information savvy.

Information fluent students/patrons won’t miss a turn or get lost on their travels for information.

View the Slideshare for this presentation.

Read her blog.

The Unquiet Librarian
The Unquiet Librarian/ buffy.hamilton@gmail.com


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