Market Yourself, Market Your Library: Social Networking for the Real World.

Lori Reed Contact Information
Library Trainer/

Notes from 2009 COMO Conference in Columbus, Georgia

Market Yourself, Market Your Library: Social Networking for the Real World.

Presenter: Lori Reed

Web 2.0 vs. traditional marketing.

Know that people are talking about your library whether you are listening or not.

The four P’s of traditional marketing


The four C’s of Web 2.0 marketing


The greatest mistake you can make is by just jumping in and producing content. This is like putting the cart before the horse.

Build a marketing plan:
1. Identify a need
2. Research
3. Identify the audience
4. Identify objectives->Output or Outcome?
5. Craft your message->What do you want to say?
6. Find the right platform/tools
7. Develop a plan and implement
8. Evaluate->How will you know what worked?

Really look at step 6 in your plan of action.

Are you coming up on Google? Google Maps? Make sure content is correct.

What services do you offer? List yourself on those directories. An example of this is for Wi-Fi, you can list on as a Wi-Fi hot/free spot.

List your events on Craigslist. Example of this is your story times.

Utilize a blog:

Book reviews
Videos of Children’s storytime
Tie library books to events happening in the community
Youtube -> Training videos, patrons created, and events

Keep all of your content up to date. It’s better to have no presence at all than a dated one.

Duplicate content /monitor your brand.

You can’t do all this alone, you need a team. This would be a full-time job!

Don’t underestimate the staff time involved in this!

Connect with users in their spaces: Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs.


Seven Strategies for Marketing in a Web 2.0 World by Darlene Fitcher.

View the Slidshare for this presentation.

Read her blog.


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