Finding Your Voice: Creating Ideas for Beginning a Pod or Videocast Series.

Notes from 2009 COMO Conference in Columbus, Georgia

Finding Your Voice: Creating Ideas for Beginning a Pod or Videocast Series.

Listen and Learn!
Listen and Learn!

Presenters:Sarah Steiner, Jason Puckett

Identifiability of your audience: Aim for the outcome you want with content .

Identify your medium: video/ audio



Non-verbal cues

Think about close captioning for all videos

Identify your approach:


team based/individual/global

Make sure that you get your point across or sneak information in on them.

Decide if you want to do a one shot vs. serial.

Identify needs:

What skills do you possess or need.

What tools or software do you have access to or knowledge of.

Identify allies:

People within your organization that can help you or get involved.

Makes sure that you administration knows whats going on with your program and the direction you’re going .

Recruit your IT friends


Use social networks to get the word out.

Work within your range of ability, don’t bite off too much. copy for free music.

Upload and Market:

Consider doing in a blog with RSS feed.

Make sure Google can find it

Embedded content is always a good idea.

Make sure format is playable.


Ask IUB Libraries– YouTube

Library Insider podcast from Georgia State University

Learning Commons Theatre from Georgia State University

View the Slideshare of this presentation.

For more on Jason read his blog.


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