Digital Issues Affecting All Forms of Libraries.

Notes from 2009 COMO Conference in Columbus, Georgia

Digital Issues Affecting All Forms of Libraries.

Dr. Martin Halbert

Collaboration in Digital Scholarship

Voyages Project

There really is no difference between a digital librarian and a physical librarian.

No isn’t a big divide, just another facet of scholarly service.

We must learn to be and become hybrid scholar librarians


MetaArchive Cooperative

Learn to work with faculty and IT equally

Julie G. Spear

Repositories and Digitization of Library Services

ETD database

Electronic conversion of theses and dissertations.

Campus legal allows students to have copy right.

Working to get LDAP up and going at the moment it’s linked to the proxy server.

Omnipage for searchable pdf files.

Georgia Tech is using VuFind

loaded into repository

Tim Daniels

New Directions for Integrated Library Systems

GPLS and Pines/Evergreen

Consortium of 50 libraries in GA

Atlanta/Fulton may become a member PINES

Go out into the community and resources that you have access to in your community.

The technology is the easy part, raising awareness is hard.

Dr. Graham

Georgia Home PLACE.

Historical archive works


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