The courage to make change.

CVL Leads!
CVL Leads!

Today was the orientation for the leadership program that I am involved in for my library system. CVL Leads! Is a program pioneered to develop young talented workers from within the library system for leadership roles and positions that may open up while we are there and to help cultivate ideas and experiences that we could take with us if and when we wish to leave CVL. The process through which we were chosen was a simple one, we were given a set of questions and based upon our answers, experience, and successes they picked five positions. One of the questions was for us to list three people from within our system that we would like to work with and learn from, I chose our director Claudya Muller. The reasoning behind this is that she has so much experience and I feel that what I could learn from her is limitless. Also, I hope that  one day, through hard and diligent efforts, I might become a director myself and working with her will give me a strong foundation to build upon.

In the orientation today we discussed our role within the library, our expectations for being a part of this program, and some of the work that lies ahead of us. Each participant was given a folder with outlined instructions for reading, bullet points for different services, and events that we plan on doing as a unit. We also met with our mentors to arrange times for individual instruction and discussion. The end of the meeting consisted of Robin Shader, our deputy director distributing  the required reading for this portion of our training. The material we received was FISH! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results, we will also be attending a session on this philosophy by Pat Carterette, GPLS Director of Continuing Education on September 23.

I finished the book and really feel that some, if not all of the principles could be put to use in our system. The one that I found the most appealing and applicable is that you choose the attitude you bring to work each day. This is something that we can apply to ourselves in and outside of the work place. We each make a conscious decision to react to the stimuli around us, therefore why not make it a positive one in everything that we do. Imagine the responses that you can achieve by putting this simple principle into practice! It also forces you to constantly think and evaluate what you are doing and how you are perceived. I feel that this level of self- discipline is something that most of us have thrown to the way side, and in doing so allowed outside stimuli to affect our interactions with others.

All in all I am very excited about the prospects that this venture will bring, not only personally but also professionally.


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