Everyday Transliteracy

Here is a quick and simple video introduction to the everyday use of Transliteracy. I hope you enjoy it and if you would like the recipe for the Delicious Blueberry Smoothie, pick the medium or format you’re most comfortable with and let me know.

Having fun with YouTube!

My library is in the process of creating a Digital Branch and we are working on content for our patrons to learn from, have fun with and empower them while becoming transliterate.

This video was made as a test run to show how you would use our reservation stations to register for a desktop computer when our lab areas are full. Also, it was to see how one of the Flips we were able to purchase through a technology grant would translate to the screen. Keep in mind that it’s only a test, I know that at times I get flustered and say things like “ Which computer is…which computer” and “BAM”. Plus, some of the close up shots are a bit fuzzy. The dialogue and close ups are going to be refined for the next video.

If you have any feedback or creative criticism, please share it with me. I want it to be clear and informative. So, any and all help is appreciated.